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Walker Wine Locker is your wine storage solution for peace of mind. We offer safe, temperature and humidity-controlled storage with convenient access and a full range of services.

Why Choose Us

Over ten years in the wine auction business taught us just how important provenance is to preserving the health and value of a wine collection. Walker is the trusted storage partner of La Paulée and La Fête du Champagne, Los Angeles. Large or small, rarities or daily drinkers, without proper storage, you’re wasting your money.

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Our Approach to Wine Storage

We have a full range of storage solutions available, from 24 case lockers to larger walk-in spaces for several hundred cases. Contact us to see what’s available.


A properly climate-controlled environment is critical to the storage of wine. Our entire facility is maintained at 55*F and 65%Rh ensuring ideal conditions for your wine. We’ve over-built our cooling system and maintain a back-up generator to make sure there are no disruptions in the care of every bottle stored at WWL.


Security is critical and not to be taken lightly. That extends to monitoring any fluctuations in temperature and humidity which we do by the minute. We have an alarm system, security cameras throughout and an environmental controls system which will notify us if there’s ever a change in temperature +/-5*F so we can respond immediately, 24hrs a day.


Individually customizable to your needs. All rooms and lockers are delivered without racking or shelves allowing you to design the space as you see fit. Let us know what you’d like to put in the space and we’ll help make it happen. We offer a full range of racking solutions to fit any budget.

Shipping & Delivery

Why worry about missing deliveries? We’re ready to receive your wine from retailers or producers and put them away safely in your storage, free of charge.  We can also help ship your wines. Talk to us about scheduling and fees.

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